The Waverly Weekend Cowl

I started knitting the Waverly Weekend Cowl by Donna Brooks on New Years Eve. If it weren’t for having to be social at a party, I would have knit this through the night and into the new year! 

This project was quick, and it kept me entertained. Part of that had to do with the pattern, but I was also entranced by the Manos del Uruguay Maxima in Marie Antoinette. The fiber felt so luscious in my hands, and the colors were mesmerizing. 

The edges roll just slightly, but I think blocking will help with that. 

Just look at those colors and the design! Love! Love! Love!

I should note that I used size 7 circs as opposed to the pattern’s suggested size 8. I know I’ll be making another one of these and I’ve already decided to decrease the stitch count by at least 12 stitches (possibly 24)–I like my cowls somewhat on the snug side. I might also make it longer than the suggested 8 inches–perhaps 10 or 12 inches. 

This was one of those projects I just didn’t want to end. Knitting it was just so satisfying. 

I’d like to start another right now, but I’m determined to finish a lap blanket I started for my niece ages ago. 

Pleasant knitting!


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