Catching Up

When last I blogged, I was looking into a pattern for dog booties. I couldn’t quite find what I needed, so I made something up. 

I gave the prototype to the owner who had requested the booties. She said it was perfect and asked for three more.

As it turns out, they weren’t so perfect. A few days after handing over the rest of the booties, I got a request to make four more–double in length with a drawstring at the top.  Back to the drawing board!

In the meantime, my brother requested that I knit two of my Basketweave Hats for a friend’s mother who was looking for some handmade Christmas presents. I hopped right on the request and got two hats finished in two days. I’m a rather slow knitter, so that’s fast for me! Each hat took me about four hours to complete. 

I should probably block these hats, but I never do. They seem to block out on their own as soon as the wearer adorns them. 

With these requests lately, I haven’t had time to get any of my Christmas knitting accomplished. When should I panic?

Pleasant knitting!


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