Finished Object: Spring Leaf Stripes Socks

I’ve overcome my second sock syndrome and have completed the mate to my Spring Leaf Stripes Socks!  As I posted before, I had finished the first sock in May of 2015, but I never started the second one.  As I was going through my stash a few weeks ago, I saw the sock and just knew it was time to get the second one done.  As I knitted the mate, I couldn’t imagine why I didn’t immediately pick it up after finishing the first one.  Well, as I tried on the finished pair last night, I was given a reminder.  On my first sock, I had somehow miscalculated where I need to start my toe decreases.  Though I was only a few stitches off, it made the first sock a little wonky on my foot.  The frustration from that put me off knitting the second sock. Here’s what really interesting.  The wonky first sock actually fits my left foot just fine.  When it’s on my left foot, I can’t tell that there is anything wrong with the sock, but if I put the wonky sock on my right foot the mistake shows in all its glory.  I’m fine with it though.  The wonky sock will always be for my left foot!

Finished Spring Leaf Socks

I’m sure I’ll knit more socks, but not for a while.  I’m ready to knit something else.  However, when I do get back to socks, I want to learn the magic loop method and how to put in an afterthought heel.

Speaking of knitting something else. . .I’ve been inspired by my garden lately.  I love knitting out there while enjoying the birds and flowers (credit to my sweetheart for capturing the lovely shots of the goldfinch and hummingbird).

I’d love to knit up some garden-inspired creations, like Grace Schnebly’s Myriads of Mushrooms, Lesley Stanfield’s Blue Tit, or Rebecca Danger’s Gnome Nuggets. They are too cute not to knit!

Pleasant knitting!